Ms. Shauna has been working with my three children for about one year now.  We absolutely love working with her and I’m so proud of what she has accomplished with my children.  Ms. Shauna is inspiring and so patient.  Her lessons involve the perfect amount of music theory.  Ms. Shauna works with my kids to select songs that they like playing and provide the perfect amount of challenge.  We look forward to working with her on a weekly basis.

– 5/26/16 Corina Madilian

I was a nanny for two kids, ages 5 and 7, in South Pasadena who attended piano lessons with Ms. Shauna once a week. Ms. Shauna is such an excellent teacher, full of life, fun, and games all while having the right amount of seriousness. When I first started watching the kids, I had only taken one year of piano when I was 11 and was never able to grasp how to read music. I was pretty confused on what the kids were practicing and if they were practicing right during the week (which sometimes they weren’t) and I was not able to correct them to help progress them with the skills that Ms. Shauna had already placed. Once I expressed this concern of mine to her, she started having me sit right next to them on the bench and watch them sight read and play their pieces. BAM! Within 3 weeks I was able to read music, it’s like my confused 11 year old self all of a sudden understood it. She took it from a completely different angle teaching through intervals rather than just trying to memorize what each note was. Once that was in place, the kids were really able to excel because really a lot of learning any instrument is the daily practice and if the person establishing that routine doesn’t know a thing about what you are doing, how can you really grasp it. Ms. Shauna is willing to go above and beyond to answer questions and gives each kid the individual help that they need. One of the kids that I worked with had a really difficult time sitting still and she worked with him and gave him fun games to play (like a birdie chart, where he would collect bird stickers for good practicing, sight reading, etc and then when they were all filled he would get a prize). I was pregnant during my length of time with the family, so no longer see Ms. Shauna on a regular basis, but if I am still in the area when my daughter is old enough, we will definitely be taking her to her for her piano lessons! I would highly recommend Ms. Shauna if you are wanting your kids to have an environment where music is highly valued, kids excel quickly and structure and fun are put into place. -9/22/16 Briana Cushman