Please call 626.487.3202 for more information regarding studio policy, fees, and tution and to make an appointment for a trial lesson which is required for studio acceptance.

Piano lessons have many benefits and some are:

  • Increases confidence through the acquisition of a new skill
  • Increases creativity and intelligence
  • Fosters and garners social and community responsibilities
  • Develops perception, memory, judgment, and reasoning
  • Develop self-confidence
  • Learn the virtues of perseverance and discipline
  • Refine motor skills and improve eye-hand coordination
  • Develop the mental process of acquiring knowledge
  • Understanding through thought, experience, and senses
  • Learn abstract thought
  • Learn spatial awareness
  • Learn rhythm, patterns, and other mathematical skills

Piano Lessons in Pasadena for All Levels

I use various methods for each student's unique learning style. Influenced by Russian and European teachers, some of the piano methods I use for beginners are from Irina Gorin's "Tales of a Musical Journey", Faber's "Piano Adventures", Shilla Hekmat's Piano Method, Irina Mints' "Hello, Piano!" and Dr. Julie Knerr's "Piano Safari."

Intermediate students move on to the standard music repertoire of Bach, Chopin, Mozart, and Beethoven. Advanced music students are prepared for high school and college entrance exams.

My dear sweet Olivia playing "Melody" by Kabalevsky and sharing her excitement for acquiring her new acoustical piano!